Complex Materials Group


2015 - Present - Assistant Professor

                            University of North Florida

2015 - Present - Associate Editor

                            Physical Review B

2013 - 2015 - Visiting Assistant Professor

                            James Madison University

2010 - 2013 - Post-Doctoral Researcher

                            Los Alamos National Laboratory

2008 - 2010 - Post-Doctoral Researcher

                            Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2008 - Ph.D. in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

                            University of Tennessee

2004 - M.S. in Condensed Matter Physics

                            University of Tennessee

2002 - B.S. in Physics and Chemistry

                            Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

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"I am a polymerized tree sap and you are an inorganic adhesive so whatever verbal projectile you launch in my direction is reflected off of me, returns in it's original trajectory and adheres to you."

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Mini Bio

Next Generation Epigenetic Detection Technique: Identifying Methylated Cytosine using Graphene Nanopore, T. Ahmed, J. T. Haraldsen, J.-X. Zhu, and A. V. Balatsky, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5, 2601 (2014).

Induced magnetization in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/BiFeO3 superlattices, S. Singh, J. T. Haraldsen, J. Xiong, E. M. Choi, P. Lu, Y. Pu, H. Wang, Z. Bi, M. R. Fitzsimmons, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll, R. Ramesh, A. V. Balatsky, and Q. X. Jia, Physical Review Letters 113, 047204 (2014).

The effects of steroid hormone exposure on direct gene regulation, T.S. Wiley and J. T. Haraldsen, Medical Hypotheses 83, 436 (2014).

Induced ferromagnetism at BiFeO3/YBa2Cu3O7 interfaces, J.-X. Zhu, X.-D. Wen, J. T. Haraldsen, M. He, C. Panagopoulos, and E. E. M. Chia, Scientific Reports 4, 5368 (2014).

Computational search for strong topological insulators: An exercise in data-mining and electronic structure, M. Klintenberg, J. T. Haraldsen, and A. V. Balatsky, Applied Physics Research 6, 31 (2014).

Correlation dynamics and enhanced signals for serial DNA sequencing, T. Ahmed, J. T. Haraldsen, J.J. Rehr, M.D. Ventra, I. Schuller, and A. V. Balatsky, Nanotechnology 25, 125705 (2014).

The Standardization of Non-Sterile Compounding: A Study in Quality Control and Assessment for Hormone Compounding, T.S. Wiley, R.D. Odegard, J. Raden, and J.T. Haraldsen, Intl. J. Pharm. Comp. 18, 162 (2014).

2014 Publications

Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of pseudospin fluctuations in URu2Si2, K. R. Shirer, J. T. Haraldsen, A. P. Dioguardi, J. Crocker, N. apRoberts-Warren, A. C. Shockley, C.-H. Lin, D. M. Nisson, J. C. Cooley, M. B. Maple, M. J. Graf, A. V. Balatsky, and N. J. Curro, Physical Review B 88, 094436 (2013).

Spectroscopic investigation of electron-phonon and magnetoelastic coupling in ferromagnetic Co(dca)2, T. V. Brinzari, J. T. Haraldsen, P. Chen, Q. -C. Sun, Y. Kim, L. -C. Tung, J. A. Schlueter, D. Smirnov, J. L. Manson, J. Singleton, and J. L. Musfeldt, Physical Review Letters 111, 047202 (2013).

Charge transfer at the interface between ferromagnetic La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 and superconducting EuBa2Cu3O7−δ materials, Y. H. Liu, J. Xiong, J. T. Haraldsen, A. V. Balasky, Q. X. Jia, A. J. Taylor, and D. Yarotski, Physical Review B 87, 165140 (2013).

The spin state and spectroscopic modes of multiferroic BiFeO3, R. S. Fishman, J. T. Haraldsen, N. Furukawa, and S. Miyahara, Physical Review B 87, 134416 (2013).

Effects of magnetoelectric ordering due to interfacial symmetry breaking, J. T. Haraldsen and A. V. Balatsky, Materials Research Letters 1, 39 (2013).

Two-band superconductivity in SrTiO3 films and interfaces, R.M. Fernandes, J. T. Haraldsen, P. Wo ̈lfle, and A.V. Balatsky, Physical Review B 87, 014510 (2013).

2013 Publications

Previous undergraduate Students

    Nikki Creange (Senior - Physics)

            Electronic and Optical Properties of Ga-doped graphene        

            (Accepted by Advances in Condensed Matter Physics)

    Brock Crook (Senior - Physics/Math)

            Exchange properties of magnetically-substituted graphene

            (Accepted by Scientific Reports)

    Greg Houchins (Senior - Physics/Math)

            Spin dynamics of general S spin clusters

            (Phys. Rev. B 91 014422 2015)

    Hannah McFarland (Senior - Biology)

            Electrical properties for DNA bases translocating through

            graphene nanopores

            (J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 6 2616 2015)

    Galen Richard (Senior - Physics)

            Magnetic profile of LSMO/BFO spin canting

Current Projects

    Electronic structure of LAO/STO Multilayers

    Thermal properties of graphene deposited on GaN

    Spin dynamics of general S spin clusters

    Translocation of DNA through graphene nanopores

    Magnetic interactions at YBCO/BFO and LSMO/BFO interfaces

    Magnetic/Superconducting interactions at YBCO/SMO interfaces

    Data mining for strong topological insulators

JMU Faculty Collaborations

    Costel Constantin

Computational Investigation of the Electronic and Optical Properties of Planar Ga-doped Grpahene, N. Creange, C. Constantin, J.-X. Zhu, A.V. Balatsky, and J.T. Haraldsen, Accepted to Advances in Condensed Matter Physics (2015).

Proximity-Induced Magnetization in Transition-Metal Substituted Graphene, C.B. Crook, C. Constantin, T. Ahmed, J.-X. Zhu, A.V. Balatsky, and J.T. Haraldsen, Accepted to Scientific Reports (2015).

Thermoelectric Properties of Nano-Meso-Micro β-MnO2 Powders as a Function of Electrical Resistance, M. Hedden, N. Francis, J. T. Haraldsen, T Ahmed, and C. Constantin, Nanoscale Research Letters 10, 1 (2015).

First-Principles Investigation of Nanopore Sequencing Using Variable Voltage Bias on Graphene-Based Nanoribbons, H. L. McFarland, T. Ahmed, J.-X. Zhu, A. V. Balatsky, and J. T. Haraldsen, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6, 2616 (2015).

Generalization of polarized spin excitations for asymmetric dimeric systems, G. Houchins & J. T. Haraldsen, Physical Review B 91, 014422 (2015).

2015 Publications